The Relic Box

Today...I FEEL like a Relic Myself!  Anyone know how old do you actually have to be, to be a Relic?
This is a technique I learned while at Cabin Fever Clay Festival in February.  Really Fun to make.
My buddy at the hospital where I work, does "really" nice woodwork.
  He put the wooden box together for me, to decorate.
He makes really sweet doll cribs, I'll have to post a photo for you.  Super nice guy!

 I covered the top of the box with  polymer clay, stamped some pieces and  applied Pearl EX

                                    Some pieces are stamped with ink.
                                     I then placed some transferred images.
                  The lid of the box is covered with textured polymer clay.
                   Shades of gold, silver, and kind of a copper color

       One of our Doctors where I work, didn't like this eye looking at her.
         She liked everything BUT That.

         I especially like the painted and stained sides of the box.
                 The inside is painted gold.
           I definitely will be creating more of these,
                       it's really fun. 


Dogs Enjoy Earth Day

                                        Dog's Havin' FUN at Dog Park

Elm Creek Park Reserve

Mya, our lab shepard, pup
                                                (2 year old, 100 pound pup)
                                                                     and her new friend

Rhino, fetching a frisebee

Mya, dry, happy and safe at home
Thanking God today, for his beautiful creation -
 The Earth

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Rap, Tap, Tapping , Tapping at my Chamber Door

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'  

                         Edgar Allen Poe  "The Raven" 
My sister used to read this to me when I was quite young, I Loved It, and would ask her, over and over to read it again.  Please...

This month, Cloth and Clay dolls posted an opportunity to create a doll, having a bird, in mind.
  Here is my doll, "The Raven"

 " The Raven"
 She was really fun to make.
Based on a pattern from 
Cinde Moyer

Every time I am close to finishing a doll, 
I am anxious to start the next one.

Exciting news - I am now a proud member of  
ART Dolls Only
I have been a fan of their site, since I learned about the Art Doll World.
They are a very talented online group, 
whom I admire and respect.
I am just now, learning more about belonging to the group, 
and as I learn more
I'll keep you posted.


Recently I took a class on polymer beads at Rush Creek Studio in Maple Grove.  I took this class MAINLY to meet the instructor. Sara Niemela.  I knew about her from Maureen Carlson and Barb Kobe-Yes, I am name dropping here. lol

The class was fun.  Sarah taught a really easy technique  to make milifiore canes,  and beads-  which I love the look of, but I'm not a fan of making. 

Sarah is an international doll artist, and well known for her realistic life like sculptures of babies.   Babies but not Reborns.    Let me tell you, they are incredible!  You can see her work on
 I let her know I am a fan, she invited me to her studio. 
Ask me if I was excited.........I was excited.   Here are some photos.

Opps, I tried to capture the doll in the background, and cut the little sweetie's head off.
Here is a better one...

Pretty Amazing ...huh?

She has real eye lashes...oh my goodness!

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Here she is all dressed up and ready for her new home.
Amazing.....Just Amazing
Have a good week end,
Saturday, I'm going to American Craft Council art show in St Paul, MN, 
and the Textile Center's Garage sale in Minneapolis. And dinner with Mike & Kristi
(nephew & his lovely wife)

Gotta Love Spring

All the ice is off the pond behind our home, the sound of morning birds chirping, ahha- music to my ears.
Each change of season brings its own temperament.  Spring always reminds me of refreshment, renewal, new beginnings.  You can open up the windows and smell the fresh (though still crisp,) air.  The sun shining in the early morning,  makes me appreciate my life. Thank you - God!

I have been working on a challenge doll through cloth and clay dolls. So I took a few photos of her progress and included some of the area around my work table.   The rest of the studio is too messy to show. lol

Easter Blessings! Brand New Bunny - JACK BUNNY

                         This is my new creation, isn't he funny!
He reminds me of  Jack Benny
Can't you just see him cross his arms and say
"Well Rochester"

He was made for a "Bunny Swap"
not to be confused with
a Bunny Hop!
for Catie.


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