While visiting an artist friend for a class. My eyes immediately fell upon a little "being" similar to the ones you see here. I picked it up...held it close to my heart...and said "I Love Her"..."I want Her". I said "she will be "My Muse", for inspiration, creativity, and give me permission to just be me"
I made my first "Musing" Then started to give them to friends who needed encouragement, inspiration, or just to let them know they are loved.  You can see them in my Etsy Shop.

This Guy was created by Maureen Carlson, with polymer clay.    Cool Huh! 
Looks like it was carved in wood. 
Nope, polymer clay.
It is such a versatile medium.
He is called Standing Watch.
I love the tenderness in his expression, along with strength and wisdom.

I had such a good time at Cabin Fever Clay festival.  Here are some photos of  the instructors and other student artists
that are incredibly talented.
                                                                      Art   Instructors

                                 Alice reminds me of myself
                                             in the future.
                                          Very Cool lady!

           Maureen Carlson   Can you tell I like her?

       We learned to create faux  Raku
         in Lisa Pavelka's class
        She is so beautiful, inside and out.
Did you know she is Julia Robert's stunt double?
Her book The Complete Book of Polymer Clay
is really good.  She has clear concise directions
and good photos to follow. You can purchase
her book here on the right side of page. 
      I promise,   you won't regret it!      
                                           Lisa Pavelka demoing her Smoush Cane technique.
                                                        She'd kill me for posting this photo,
                                                            not the most flattering!

The most talented and adorable
       Jana Roberts Benzon.
She had three DVD's I had to have,
of course.  She creates incredible
canes and dimensional work.

We had our charm swap, I made 90
little prim birdies.  I will post photo
next time.   

This is the longest post I've ever done.
                                                                             I am intentionally typing very slowly at this point
                                                                             so I don't mess it up.  I think I'm done. Whew!


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