Open Arms of Minnesota: Pete: SNAP at last!

 Let me explain,   In  my usual way of flying by the seat of my pants, when it comes to blogging
I posted this link below.
                       SNAP stands for  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
      Open Arms MN is an organization that provides nutritionally well balanced meals for people who have HIV/Aides, MS, ALS and other debilitating diseases.  It's like Meals on Wheels
for people who are sick and addresses their individual nutritional needs. 

And now for Pete!
Pete was one of several people who chose to take the SNAP Challenge.
He lived on $27.65 for seven days, that's how much money people have for food, for one week, on assistance.     
That's 3.97 per day,   Think about it!

He blogged about it, it got to me.
 I signed up, donated, and the OCD er that I am want to volunteer.

"I believe that food is a basic and essential human right. I believe Minnesota produces enough food to nourish and sustain all who live here. And I support Hunger-Free Minnesota in its campaign to end hunger."

So if you can, read Pete's blog.

Open Arms of Minnesota: Pete: SNAP at last!: "First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Second, I'm sorry for being tardy with my final blog post. I got home from work last night and reali..."

Very humbled and grateful,


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