Marie Patterson's "Wee Darlings"

 Hello Lovelies,
For some reason this year, I'm really in the Halloween Spirit. I just love the crisp autumn mornings,the awesome oranges, yellows and burgundy leaves, falling. While walking one day, into a favorite local quilt shop,I saw little dried out Poplar leaves, scampering across my path, they sounded like little crab clappers, click clacking along. Gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Speaking about warm and fussy, I just have to share with you the most adorable, sweet, and the creatively cuteness of Marie Patterson's designs.

I haven't tried needle felting faces, but look at the wonderful colors,
 texture, and expression, just wonderful!
And That Little feathered hat...I want him.

A Glitter Glam Kitty- I just love the long slinky body,
her colors, and of course she is incognito with her Bling eye mask. A must, for a high fashion kitty!

This one makes my heart go pitter patter-Oh so Sweet!
All cuddled up in her little blanky.

How adorable is she, bunny love, and her little pumpkin too.

Marie also creates "Wee Darlings" A little birdie told me she will be listing them on Etsy any day.
You bettcha I'm gonna be watching for one of these "Little Darlings" soon, to add to my Halloween collection!

Aren't they just The Best!

Caromal Colours at Junk Market Under Glass

Let the fun's Autumn, time to go junkin!

That's me at Junk Market Under Glass
the event was held at Otten Bros Garden Center
Caromal Colours Barn Worn Sample Pieces

What fun stuff!
Love those old glass door knobs

This is Cheryl Weir from Patina Blue, she had the booth across from me at
Junk Market Under Glass at Otten Bros in Wayzata.
She has the Best Junk!!

Chalk Paint lovers- Please don't hate me

Hello there and Welcome ,
I finally had a chance to try Anne Salon's Chalk Paint.
I won a give away on
and the paint was from
I just love their names
and they have really great blogs.

I've been anxious to try it.

I was truly thinking of becoming a stockist.

I even filled out the online application to become one.

So I was so excited to win some.

I have two end tables in our bedroom, one is a Pennsylvania House piece, so it is constructed, very well.

So It's "A Keeper!" They were both oak, stained and varnished.

Here they are painted.

I used Anne salon's Chalk Paint- Old White, and Louis Blue

I liked the colors, it spread on easily.

The one with all the drawers is the PA House piece,

there was a wet ring mark on the top, from a sweating glass.

I had a hard time getting the Old White to conceal it.

I used 4 coats over the ring, and you can still see it.

Kinda bums me out.

Also, for some reason, on some areas, the varnish kept seeping through,

the paint, so I had brownish discoloration peeping through.

I just kept applying more paint, let it dry, and applied more paint.

A total of three coats of paint, four coats of paint to cover the ring stain and the varnish seepage.

I guess it's okay. I can still see the ring.

I didn't have the same happen with the Louis Blue, it covered well,

you can still see some of the wood grain.

Sanding was a breeze, it took very little elbow grease, I just used 120 grit sandpaper.

There is a lot of chalky dust, and on the back on the back of the Chalk Paint can, says it is Toxic.

Don't like that.

I waited one day to see if the paint would scratch, I lightly used my fingernail to scratch it, the paint scratched easily.

That's probably why you can sand (distress) it so easily.

So, the next day, still could scratch it.

So, then I applied Anne Salon's wax, I used the clear.

I liked the powdery blue and white look.

It is the consistency of very soft butter.

I tried to use the brush that was sent along with the wax,

it looks like an awesome brush. I tried rubbing in circles to kinda work it in to the paint for a durable finish.

I didn't really like it, I'm used to the feel of rubbing the wax in with an old T shirt,

so I tried that, I found it didn't spread as nicely as the Liberon wax, that I 'm used to.

I became frustrated, and got out the Liberon to finish it.

I let it dry and it passed the scratch test- It DID NOT scratch when I lightly scratch it with my fingernail.

In my opinion Chalk paint has beautiful colors, coverage was good on the Louis Blue, a little more work with the Old White. But that's probably true with most white paint.

I like Liberon wax better than the Anne Salon's wax,

I think it goes further and Spreads more easily.

Caromal Colours Reclaim - has a smooth finish............

It is unlike Caromal Colours textured basecoats-

It definitely WILL NOT SCRATCH, even after the first coat has cured.

It has a nano technology, so the molecules are very small, so it bonds very well.

You can use the white or off white- buy paint tint- from any paint store- So you can get any color under the sun!!!

I just went in to our local paint store, picked out the color I wanted, from 1000's of choices. I asked for just enough tint for one quart of paint.

But told them, I didn't want it added to any paint they sold. I just wanted to buy the tint.

then, I asked to buy an empty paint can- for the tint to be put in. I bought a gallon size empty paint can, ( total $ 2.10 for tint and gallon paint can)

brought it home, added my quart of White "Reclaim"

and Wahl Lah........... had a customized color to use, that Will NOT Scratch, Peel, or Chip!

I LOVE Caromal Colours! I know, I know, you're saying that's because

"You are a rep for Caromal Colours"- yes, Iam.

But I was truly seeking to become a stockist for Anne Salon's Chalk Paint.

I am no longer considering it.

With Caromal Colours anyone can become a rep to for the company, just find the CIR (Certified Independent Representative) closest to you- you can be trained, so you can get the discount price of a rep,for your own projects,plus sell their products- plus and it's A BIG PLUS- there is No Minimum order.

The minimum order for Chalk Paint is really more than I can afford.

If I thought it was superior to Caromal Colours I would have taken a small loan and done it.

Reclaim- has a smooth finish, and can be tinted as I described above

Textured Basecoat- comes in 12 colors, the texture allows you to hide imperfections, like deep scratches, cracks, and you can create a crackled two color, for that chippy worn look

So CC, has a lot of versatility,

Caromal Colours, also sell beautiful stencils

Stencil Creams and brushes

Gilding Kits


Perfect Plaster (an awesome product)

Here is a little table, I painted with Caromal Colors Reclaim

paint, after it was dry, I brushed on Toner by Caromal Colours.

Cute and Easy!

I'm off to paint some Cabinet doors with Reclaim now....



If you'd like to learn more about Caromal Colours

please click on right side bar to take you to

their web site- they have beautiful


Stencil creams

Gilding kits,

In your Own Words (custom phrases)

Perfect Plaster (awesome stuff!)

If you decide to order, my coupon code is jan

please use it to get $$ off shipping.

NO Sales Tax outside of Pennsylvania

Caromal Colours- Just Paint IT- It's a Primer, Paint, and Sealer. ALL IN ONE!

 My Petite Shop

Hello and Welcome to my "Petite Shop"
This is my space, in our local antique shop
where I display and sell all my passions.

 I love these colors together.
I painted this side piece with Caromal Colours "Reclaim"
To achieve this beautiful blue, I mixed Caromal Colours Off white Reclaim
with a tint, you can ask for at any paint store.
I just asked them, if I could buy, just the tint,
for one quart of paint
Then I mixed it with one quart of my
Off White Reclaim by Caromal Colours.

Caromal Colours "Reclaim" paint
  is wonderful for the home owner 
No Sanding, No Primer, No Prep
Just Paint it!
You can roll it on or brush it on.
It is a Primer, Paint, and Sealer ALL IN ONE
AND you can tint it to get any color you can imagine.

I bought the chair for 12.00 at a thrift shop.
The oak and the scrolly arms were so pretty,
I decided it looked too stately to paint over it.
So I replaced the torn seat cover,
with a heavy drape fabric.
The back of the chair looked like it had once been fabric.
But I wanted to give it a little update and French Flair.
so I  applied a French Chocolate image
to the chairs' back.

I'm not crazy about how it turned out, 
so in a couple of weeks, if it doesn't sell,
I'll bring it home and do a "Do Over"

And for an update on using Annie Salone's Chalk Paint
I just painted with it yesterday, I'll finish the pieces today.
So stay tuned!

A World of Paint Possibilities!

I was really lucky to win Anne Salone's Chalk Paint from Miss Mustard Seed's blog, generously donated by Lady Butterbug, from Texas, aren't those names just so darn cute!  Miss Mustard Seed's blog is a "Must Follow" Blog. She is so Very Talented, a great inspiration, and super nice. 
I won 2 cans of Chalk Paint, I chose Louis Blue and Old White, I also won a can of natural wax,
and a wonderful wax brush, so of course I had to order the dark wax and another wax brush.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Lady ButterBug and Miss Mustard Seed.

My NEXT POST will be my Chalk Paint Project!

This Post is all about....
Using Caromal Colours "Reclaim"
I was already in progress with these end tables.
Pretty Cute Huh!
I used Caromal Colours Reclaim Off White, for the Queen Anne legs.
Reclaim is similar to Chalk Paint, No Sanding, No Priming, No Prep!
Then, this is the Best Part
I was able to tint my Caromal Colours
"Reclaim" Off White!
It came out PERFECT.
I just asked the guy at the paint shop to sell me the tint they would use
for a quart of regular paint, but, I didn't want him to mix it with their paint.
I just wanted to buy the tint, I think it was $1.19 and $3.00 for the quart size can.
I picked out a beautiful, French Blue- it's such a beautiful color.
I could of chosen from 1000's of colors, you know, on all the color samples they have on cards.
 I brought the tint home, and mixed it with my quart of Caromal Colours Reclaim Off White.
It's a Primer, Finish, and Sealer- All In One!
It sells for $ 34.50
I brushed it on the table top and drawers, took the hardware off, but painted with the same paint.
After it was dry, (it dries pretty quick)
 I brushed on Caromal Colours Chipping Cream.
After it was dry, I brushed a very thin coat of Reclaim Off White.
When dry, I took a 3M sanding pad, and sanded some of the Off White.
I wanted just a little of the white to show through, here and there.
The look was awesome, the Chipping Cream, allows for the under lying color to show through.
The sanding went very quickly.
The Queen Anne legs were painted with Caromal Colours "Reclaim" Off White
I distressed the legs with a sanding pad 120 grit
the same for the top.
I love the look, they are already for sale at "my petite shop"
(space I rent at our local Antique Shop)

Next time, I'll take pics as I go.
I just get so into my work, I don't want to stop,
but I will, cause I want you to see how easy it is.

 You can visit my web site 
to see other painted pieces and get some ideas.
you can also purchase Caromal Colours  paint there.
I am also selling on Etsy under Caromal Colours.
I don't have all the colors listed yet, but they are available to you.

If you like what you see, and decide to order some for yourself,,
Please enter coupon code  jan   you'll get a discount in shipping.
Another perk, no tax, outside of Pennsylvania!
I'd really appreciate it if you let them know you heard about them through me.
All you have to do is enter under coupon code   jan
They are a growing family business, and great folks!

I'm Dancing on SunShine

Looky Looky Looky .........What I won!

I'm Am sooo Excited! and her husband
generously granted  this Most Awesome Give Away
I've never won a Give Away before,
and I hit the Jack Pot baby.
This is Anne Salone's most famous
Chalk Paint that the whole land of Blog
is on fire for!  
I went to
The Chalk Paint colors are dreamy, 
French Inspired, No Sanding, No priming!
 so ordered a color chart,
cause I couldn't decide which colors I wanted to order

 Then, Miss Mustard Seed,
hosted a blog give away, and I won!
Below is a photo
of Miss Mustard Seeds beautiful
buffet, she finished using Chalk Paint. 
If you haven't visited her blog yet,
it is a Must Follow Blog, she's so very talented.

Isn't this buffet just beautiful, I just love
distressed white and the blue drawers,
the hardware is perfect, and the darker top
Be Still My Heart!

I still love Caromal Colours of course,
I have room in my heart for two loves!

Be sure to check back to see what I paint
with my new love, Anne Salone's Chalk Paint.


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Vintage Event

 Hello Friends,
I had so much fun, Saturday, I did Demo's  using Caromal Colours, I am still learning how versatile this paint is, and how to achieve different looks.

I painted some new samples, with summer in mind, light colored summer hues. Displayed in a large bread bowl, painted, distressed, all with Caromal Colours finishes.


Some little vignettes in my shop. Really it's my little space in our local antique shop.
I've decided I'm calling it "my petite shop", cause 
that's how I feel about it.
Tin water can and petite tool box,
painted with Paprika basecoat,  (2) Chipping Cream, 
(3) Bayberry, then sand with 220 grit sandpaper,
last with semi dry chip brush, Wysteria basecoat  
applied here and there in streaks, and stipple.

No Prep- NO Prime NO Sanding
Bonds to almost anything!
You also can get a two color
chippy barn wood finish!
Next project, I 'll take photos as I go,
  you'll see how easy and fun
Caromal Colours is to use,
Lord knows, my garage, and (2) workrooms
have vintage finds waiting for a breath of new life.
My Studio ( Atelier) French for studio,
(don't you just love the French,
sounds so Romantic)

If you'd like to learn more and order Caromal Colours,
click Caromal Colours at top of page to visit my site
If you go to Caromal, let these fine folks know you heard about them from me, 
just enter  jan   under coupon code, you'll get a discount in shipping, and I'll get credit!

Until next time-

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Redesigned Finds

Hey there,
I've taken a little redirection with my art and time.
Last year I became a rep for Country Living's Caromal Colours.
I didn't do much with it at the time,
cause I was so into creating my dolls.
I'm not giving up doll making, just acting on another passion.

Fabulous finds, upcycled, and painted with Caromal Colours.

The best part about Caromal Colours is, you don't have to sand or prime before painting. It bonds to almost anything and is very durable.
 These are ready to go to  my space I've rented  at our local antique shop,
Antiques Downtown, Elk River, MN.

 I have another blog about Caromal Colours, but it's on WordPress, and I'm so busy painting and finishing pieces with Caromal Colours, and still working part time at the hospital, I haven't had time to learn how to use it! So, I decided to do what I know how to do, and here I am, posting about CC here. But if you want more info on Caromal Colours, please order through my other web site. You will get a discount in shipping, and I will get credit. Thanks!

The tool box was painted with Paprika basecoat, chipping cream. and bayberry basecoat,
then I dry brushed some Parchment basecoat.
I added some tin squares to a flower box, and painted it with Caromal Colours Reclain- white.
I have been a antique, thrift shop. estate sale, garage sale junkie since I was a wee one.
Lucy, my mom got me into it.
It drives my husband John, crazy. He's one of those people who just don't get it.
But he loves me, so he puts up with it.
He cringes, every time he walks in our garage.
I don't blame him. I started out with a 12' X 10' room in our lower level, bead board walls, great lighting and tons of shelves. Then when our last son moved out, I took over the family room, 21' X 20', and now the garage! It's only temporary, I am planning on just working out of the family room/work room/studio.
Vintage mounding with iron hangers.
Last but not least, a little vintage romance, a pretty altered hand mirror.
Well, I'm off to deliver these to my shop space.

You can also buy Caromal Colours on Etsy, click on the right side bar, top of page.
I am in the process of listing all the colors, one more thing to add to my "to do" list!

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