A World of Paint Possibilities!

I was really lucky to win Anne Salone's Chalk Paint from Miss Mustard Seed's blog, generously donated by Lady Butterbug, from Texas, aren't those names just so darn cute!  Miss Mustard Seed's blog is a "Must Follow" Blog. She is so Very Talented, a great inspiration, and super nice. 
I won 2 cans of Chalk Paint, I chose Louis Blue and Old White, I also won a can of natural wax,
and a wonderful wax brush, so of course I had to order the dark wax and another wax brush.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Lady ButterBug and Miss Mustard Seed.

My NEXT POST will be my Chalk Paint Project!

This Post is all about....
Using Caromal Colours "Reclaim"
I was already in progress with these end tables.
Pretty Cute Huh!
I used Caromal Colours Reclaim Off White, for the Queen Anne legs.
Reclaim is similar to Chalk Paint, No Sanding, No Priming, No Prep!
Then, this is the Best Part
I was able to tint my Caromal Colours
"Reclaim" Off White!
It came out PERFECT.
I just asked the guy at the paint shop to sell me the tint they would use
for a quart of regular paint, but, I didn't want him to mix it with their paint.
I just wanted to buy the tint, I think it was $1.19 and $3.00 for the quart size can.
I picked out a beautiful, French Blue- it's such a beautiful color.
I could of chosen from 1000's of colors, you know, on all the color samples they have on cards.
 I brought the tint home, and mixed it with my quart of Caromal Colours Reclaim Off White.
It's a Primer, Finish, and Sealer- All In One!
It sells for $ 34.50
I brushed it on the table top and drawers, took the hardware off, but painted with the same paint.
After it was dry, (it dries pretty quick)
 I brushed on Caromal Colours Chipping Cream.
After it was dry, I brushed a very thin coat of Reclaim Off White.
When dry, I took a 3M sanding pad, and sanded some of the Off White.
I wanted just a little of the white to show through, here and there.
The look was awesome, the Chipping Cream, allows for the under lying color to show through.
The sanding went very quickly.
The Queen Anne legs were painted with Caromal Colours "Reclaim" Off White
I distressed the legs with a sanding pad 120 grit
the same for the top.
I love the look, they are already for sale at "my petite shop"
(space I rent at our local Antique Shop)

Next time, I'll take pics as I go.
I just get so into my work, I don't want to stop,
but I will, cause I want you to see how easy it is.

 You can visit my web site BushWoodArt.com 
to see other painted pieces and get some ideas.
you can also purchase Caromal Colours  paint there.
I am also selling on Etsy under Caromal Colours.
I don't have all the colors listed yet, but they are available to you.

If you like what you see, and decide to order some for yourself,,
Please enter coupon code  jan   you'll get a discount in shipping.
Another perk, no tax, outside of Pennsylvania!
I'd really appreciate it if you let them know you heard about them through me.
All you have to do is enter under coupon code   jan
They are a growing family business, and great folks!


Linda said...

Wow! Congrats on winning the paint. I'm new to your blog. Love what you did to those tables. I have never heard of this paint before. There are so many there that we can't get in Canada. Well must go so I can read on.


Nice to meet you and WOW you won those amazing paints. I wondered about them.
Painting needs to be easier and those paints sound like the answer..the ones you sell too.
I'm now a follower..
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

Have heard so much about the Annie Sloan chalk paints- will be interesting to see if you see any difference in hers and the one you suggest.

Unknown said...

Jan Love the post!! So much to llok at and see waht you do to birn new life to things. Looks like you are having fun in your shop just like me .I never knew owning a shop could be so fun!!!Ps I will send you an email about the clothes and ordering them on line.


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