One World One Heart 2011


A stranger is a friend
I have yet to meet.
Welcome Friend!

My Sweet Charlotte
Created for you (perhaps?)  

Here's a 
Cutety Patooty
 Maybe she'll be yours

All you need to do is leave a comment.
I will add all your names in my magic hat,
pick the winners, and let you know who wins.

Let me introduce you to 
"Milk Maid"

She has a Hand sculpted face & hands,
and precious shoes with lace trim.
 And her adorable miniature cow pal, 
She loves to snuggle.


I will miss her very much.
Hope she is happy in her new home!

My Motto:
Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
To all the people you can.
As long as ever you can.

So, now you know a little about me,
let me know a little about you!

A special Thank you to Lisa 
OWOH Innovator


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                         My New Dollie
                                                                     " Milk Maid"
    She sat, with just a torso for almost a year,  poor dear.
She went from a circus performer,  (in my mind of course)
to a winter wonderland with a wool felted coat & Top Hat, 
to Finally, she emerged as who she was meant to be....
A Milk Maid--with her miniature cow.

Oh my, she will not be able to wear her fancy shoes to the barn.
Maybe I will have to make her a pair of Wellies.

She actually, never has to go to the barn.
 Her little cow lives with her and loves to snuggle.
This photo was taken after a long walk.
She is One of My Give Aways for One World One Heart
It Starts January 30 th   Yeah!
If you're not familiar with it, check out my sidebar, for event info.
Great times.

I love photos shot in artist's studio,
I love searching the background, and peeking at their tools and stuff.
Hey, that's an idea, shots of all my "stuff"
I love my stuff.
Next post- ALL MY STUFF!
Show me Your Stuff!

Have Fun and enjoy playing

Winter Wonderland

Here is a little woodland scene filled with frostiness.
It looks as if a fairy might appear at any moment,
although there are none here now.
But wait, do I see something in the ghostly
dandelion seed head??
No, false alarm...maybe they are all fast asleep
tucked under a warm tree root until springtime...

 I've been busy, got a couple projects
going on at one time.
New for me.
I kinda like it.
 When you get frustrated with one thing,
You can, put it aside,
and go to the next.

eyes are too dark.

Hope you are having fun, with your creative projects.
These may be contenders for One World One Heart.

                         Take time to give yourself- Some Self Care,
                          It's so important, and you deserve it.

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Imagine One World One Heart

I have been in deep thought today about One World One Heart.
It is a world wide blog event, made up of artists & all types of art.  Dolls, of course, , jewelry, mixed media, paintings, sculpture, miniatures, well, you get the idea.  It's a fun time.  Over 900 participants, that's A LOT!  Each artist chooses to have a give away, some offer more than one give away.
I have been thinking today about what to create. 
But as I typed out One World One Heart, I began to think about what that would be like.
If all the world thought with the same heart.  First, and foremost there would be LOVE. 
This stops me in my tracks, my mind can't even get my thoughts around that idea.
So I have to reduce it down to, what that would mean personally to me.
Does it mean, I wouldn't have gotten angry at the older man who stole my grocery cart at Costco, and when I gently reminded him that he was leaning on my cart, he told me I was full of crap?
How about while working as a nurse, there is a nurse I work with that ignores patients needs,
neglects to pass on important info, definitely not a team player, and if anyone confronts him, he won't talk to you for a week!  If I had more love for him, would it make me less angry?  Or, perhaps if he had more love, he would not neglect his patients,  would be a team player, and we would all work together in harmony. (note of sarcasm here)
This reminds me that you can still be angry and love, there is such a thing as righteous anger.
And that's okay.
Well that's my thought for the day.  I need to scamper off to my studio haven to create.


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