My Personal Blog Declaration

For the first time, I've finally written a post on a Monday.  Yeah !  It's not that I don't have the time like so many of you raising a family. I have the time. I'm one of those bloggers who don't know what to write about.  But- in all actuality,
I've read somewhere, amongst the many blogs I follow, that I  should keep to the theme of doll making.I guess, that way, I will attract those interested in my dolls.

But, I have also read, to be authentic.  This I believe in strongly.  Probably around age 35, I finally progressed to the point in my life journey that I became comfortable, authentically comfortable, accepting and truthfully, really liking who I was.  No longer was that inner critic evaluating everything I did, said, or thought.  It is a really good place to be.

So why have I been so "afraid" "intimidated" to blog. And even felt small and insignificant.
 I have built blogland to be THE ALL _ END ALL_   (In my head)
I know it sounds ridiculous, It Is ridiculous.

So, today, I am declaring, this is my personal blog. I will share a lot here.
And, secondly, share my new ladies with you.

I have been busy making, Little Ladies"  I love ball jointed dolls. I have one. I don't have any desire right now to create one at this present time. I've been around long enough to never say "never".
I've been proven wrong too many times.
Like before I had children- I said".Well. my kids will never act like that"  I had to eat those words, many times over.
                                           Protected from the cat
                                               by the "kitchen mug brigade"
                                          So here is my first little lady.
                                        She is a darling little one
                                           AWE, sweet little bunny friend.
                                                     I just love her.

"I will just look the other way, she'll think I'm not interested"                                                  

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