This is what I've been up to...............    Yes, the dreaded tissue box.
It is as red as my nose, boo hoo!   It has been one month, with tissues close at hand.
Chronic rhinitis. A fancy medical term for a runny nose that won't stop running.

Feeling too sick to really work in the studio, but well enough to periodically visit it. It's such a long commute down the stairs, ya know.   I'll walk down and think, maybe if I just look at my stuff, it will make me feel better.

So this is on another work table,

 I can't wait to assemble, alter, paint, solder, add charms and fibers.

 And the girls aren't too happy with me, for sharing my attention, with the other stuff.
 As You can see.  The wee one on the left, won't even look at me.

My Etsy shop update will be April 5 th.  The Spirit is willing, the body is weak.
Darn chronic rhinitis, anyway.

I hope you are well and
Happy Crafting


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