Today - We celebrate Chad

Today - we celebrate Chad. It's his Golden Birthday. He turned 28 years old, on the 28th. This was a new thing for us when we moved to Minnesota. It's kinda cool though. Chad and I met and had lunch. I sat, and learned a little about his band members, the music they are making, the technology involved, and felt his passion, as he explained, how the band composes music, lyrics, why it is important to him. It was great. He's doing great! What more could a mother ask for.

She 's Beautiful To Me

I have spent a considerable amount of time, pondering this intriguing creation. I have asked her, her name, no thought came to mind. I have imagined her in several situations, from a wealthy aristocrat, to a lost soul, who has lost her way, to a poet writing sonnets. I have found no closure.
She speaks to me in mystery. I don't truthfully know her. Each time, I sit, and examine her features, her clothing, the demure expression on her face, especially, her eyes, she remains a mystery to me. so I have borrowed from a song.... She is Beautiful To Me.

This is me and "Ringo"

I can still feel the joy when I see this photo.
It is older than "vintage" to be sure, it may be considered antique!

Speaking of vintage, this Friday, I am going to "Junk Bonanza", over 100 vendors across the US, bringing their wares for junk enthusiasts in Minnesota. I am hoping to find fabric, lace, trim, buttons, etc. for my dolls. I am so excited! I will post pictures, for your viewing pleasure.

Hey, I added a place for you to sign up for my weekly letter on my blog, it will include new dolls, photos of the family, and some good tips and web sites I have found for doll making supplies. Sometimes, it will include something that inspires me. So don't leave this page until you sign up, Okay? That way, I won't need to send you an email every time I post, one will come automatically every Monday when I post. A lot of bloggers post everyday, it is recommended, to get more traffic to your site. I guess I can't think of that much to say, on a daily basis.

I will start on my new doll today. She will have a long and slender neck.
I bought some beautiful silks at a fabric warehouse recently.
This place is so huge and busy, you cut your own fabric, (except silk and fancy $ trims)
up to 5 yards, they even have canvas already gessoed. Very Cool. I have a general idea of how she'll look, but they always turn out different. I can't say which is my favorite part of the doll making process, but after she is dressed, I love to choose her accessories, and write her story.

I also attended a class on "How to sell on Etsy. com " If you're not familiar with it check it out, a very cool company. Everything on their site is handmade, and their nice people. I've been researching other doll artists on their site to estimate what I should ask for a retail price. Ya know what's really wierd? I'm not that anxious to get rid of them, it's like they become part of you, so when they do sell, and they leave, it's like you're giving away part of yourself. Now, You're thinking..Yes-Jan, that IS really wierd.

So, I'm off to my studio, (lower level of our home) As I walk past my husband, I say, I'm going to play, and he says, "have fun, be careful" just like the thousands of times we said to our three sons, when they went out to play. Sweeet!

A Broken Heart

She is titled "Love Letter". She just received a letter from her lover, the little note in her envelope says "Goodbye". She is feeling heart broken, and is not sure how she can go on. She wears a key around her neck from him, he gave it to her and said "only she, owned the key to his heart". The bottle in her other hand is blood or poison, I'm not sure which one. Hope you like her as much as I enjoyed creating her. This was my own pattern. Her hair is made from sheep wool. and has a sewn part to the side.


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