A Broken Heart

She is titled "Love Letter". She just received a letter from her lover, the little note in her envelope says "Goodbye". She is feeling heart broken, and is not sure how she can go on. She wears a key around her neck from him, he gave it to her and said "only she, owned the key to his heart". The bottle in her other hand is blood or poison, I'm not sure which one. Hope you like her as much as I enjoyed creating her. This was my own pattern. Her hair is made from sheep wool. and has a sewn part to the side.


Mrs Pretzel said...

I LOVE HER!!! She's so pretty and sad all at once!! Her hair is AWESOME!

Unknown said...

She is AWESOME! I love her features and the writing on her chest. But MOST OF ALL I love what she signifies! A lot of people have been in that situation so I could see them being pulled to her. Are you selling her? BTW, LOVE the Cold Play music! It suits your doll!I am a HUGE fan!

P.S I'm so inspired that I wondered if I could spread the word about your doll on my next blog post?


Anonymous said...

Though I am a "he", I was her once.

I remember praying, asking "please, somehow let this person and I be together one day". I remeber how this actually felt silly and desperate, as it was against my personal beliefs; I do not ask for anything but strength or good will towards others.

It happened! Prayer answered 20 years later. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this year after 25 years of friendship.

Make sure you create a doll representing that feeling too! Maybe even "Love Letter" can get a nice love letter someday from the person whose key she carries.

Lovely work.


P.S. It's strawberry Kool-Aid. Everybody knows how much better you feel after having some, especially when mixed stronger than the directions recommend.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, I think it reminds me of Joan Cusak (John Cusak sister). In a Tim Burton film she would be perfect. Love shawn


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