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My Son Tommy

Change is in the air...parents are shopping for all the back to school stuff, notebooks, pens & pencils, backpacks, clothes, OH that was always a fun one, especially in their teen years. I quickly realized at this point, my children were no longer a reflection of myself, but their own persons, claiming their right to individuality, they became quite adept in this area. Son #2 is flying off to Cali (as he says) with a snowboarder friend, Zack. He is a professionally sponcered boarder. My son has been boarding a long time. he was even interviewed on our nightly news one day when it was 30 degrees below 0. The interviewer asked Tommy if "Is it ever too cold to snowboard" He replied, "Well, I don't live at home, so my mother can't tell me, it's too cold to play outside". He is 23 now. Yes, this is the five year old, who ate his breakfast cereal on the front porch, so he wouldn't miss anything going on out there. I am excited for him, I am not worried, I gave that up at age 14. It will be a wonderful life changing experience for him, I may be slightly jealous though, leaving Minneapolis before winter sets in, I wish I could go to. So here are my words of wisdom( borrow from Elizabeth Knapp) I impart to you, my wild bird- spread your wings and soar......

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mycuriousteaparty said...

My youngest was 21 this summer he was snowboarding Christmas week in France last year he came home with a twisted vertibrae a trapped sciatic nerve and his face looked as if he had gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson, asked if he would go again..... 'for sure it was ******* fantastic'.

He then spent the next 4 months having treatment and copious amounts of pain killers.

As you said, we give them wings and its up to them how high they choose and in what direction they take.

Thank you for posting this blog about your handsome son, its comforting to know that there is another mum with another son like ours.



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