Redesigned Finds

Hey there,
I've taken a little redirection with my art and time.
Last year I became a rep for Country Living's Caromal Colours.
I didn't do much with it at the time,
cause I was so into creating my dolls.
I'm not giving up doll making, just acting on another passion.

Fabulous finds, upcycled, and painted with Caromal Colours.

The best part about Caromal Colours is, you don't have to sand or prime before painting. It bonds to almost anything and is very durable.
 These are ready to go to  my space I've rented  at our local antique shop,
Antiques Downtown, Elk River, MN.

 I have another blog about Caromal Colours, but it's on WordPress, and I'm so busy painting and finishing pieces with Caromal Colours, and still working part time at the hospital, I haven't had time to learn how to use it! So, I decided to do what I know how to do, and here I am, posting about CC here. But if you want more info on Caromal Colours, please order through my other web site. You will get a discount in shipping, and I will get credit. Thanks!

The tool box was painted with Paprika basecoat, chipping cream. and bayberry basecoat,
then I dry brushed some Parchment basecoat.
I added some tin squares to a flower box, and painted it with Caromal Colours Reclain- white.
I have been a antique, thrift shop. estate sale, garage sale junkie since I was a wee one.
Lucy, my mom got me into it.
It drives my husband John, crazy. He's one of those people who just don't get it.
But he loves me, so he puts up with it.
He cringes, every time he walks in our garage.
I don't blame him. I started out with a 12' X 10' room in our lower level, bead board walls, great lighting and tons of shelves. Then when our last son moved out, I took over the family room, 21' X 20', and now the garage! It's only temporary, I am planning on just working out of the family room/work room/studio.
Vintage mounding with iron hangers.
Last but not least, a little vintage romance, a pretty altered hand mirror.
Well, I'm off to deliver these to my shop space.

You can also buy Caromal Colours on Etsy, click on the right side bar, top of page.
I am in the process of listing all the colors, one more thing to add to my "to do" list!

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