Reflect, Revive , Refresh, and laugh a Whole Lot

 Bottom, left to right
June, Jodi, Me
Deb in turquoise, & Maureen.
I had the greatest time at Maureen Carlson’s Center for Creative Arts. 
Maureen is an International Polymer Clay artist.     
 Being with Maureen, is like you’ve known her forever, a good friend,  the kind that feels like no matter how much time goes by, you just pick up, like no time at all was passed. She is inviting, enlightening, (is that a word?) kind and always affirming. 
I met Maureen several years ago and have taken a few classes,
but I never stayed overnight in her unique magical retreat center for creative arts.
 It’s AWESOME!  It’s nestled in a beautiful setting in Jordon, MN. and sits next to the Minnesota River.
Yes!  A great place for a retreat.  When I arrived to my charming little bedroom, I thought she had turned on a fan, knowing that I like white noise.  I looked at the fan, the fan was off.  Then I glanced toward the window…what I heard, was the rushing water of the river.   How cool IS That!

I sat here an had my morning tea, in my jammies.
Maureen's web site is

Here is just a sampling.
Wall Faces by Maureen.
Maureen teaches a class on Wall Faces.
 Pretty Cool, eh!
Very Cool.

Jodi's Wall Face
 Deb's Stackable
Maureen teaches a Stackable Class
June's Character, from one of Maureen's books.
 we had a wee bit of wine
at the end of the day.

Do yourself a favor, and go to her wonderful site.  Better yet, visit Maureen's Center for Creative Arts!
It was fantasy week at Maureen’s, what that meant,
if there was something we wanted to create, she would help us develop the plan, and we would bring it to fruition.  Stay tuned for more of Maureen's wonderful creations.....and my First Fairy.
Wishing you a way to Reflect, Refresh, and Laugh a Whole Lot,


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