This is what I've been up to...............    Yes, the dreaded tissue box.
It is as red as my nose, boo hoo!   It has been one month, with tissues close at hand.
Chronic rhinitis. A fancy medical term for a runny nose that won't stop running.

Feeling too sick to really work in the studio, but well enough to periodically visit it. It's such a long commute down the stairs, ya know.   I'll walk down and think, maybe if I just look at my stuff, it will make me feel better.

So this is on another work table,

 I can't wait to assemble, alter, paint, solder, add charms and fibers.

 And the girls aren't too happy with me, for sharing my attention, with the other stuff.
 As You can see.  The wee one on the left, won't even look at me.

My Etsy shop update will be April 5 th.  The Spirit is willing, the body is weak.
Darn chronic rhinitis, anyway.

I hope you are well and
Happy Crafting


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What's On My Worktable?

This is the last little lady I made, I like her size, so I decided to make more.

Here is what I've been working on
  My ladies are very shy you know,
  and really frown upon being photographed
  in their unmentionables,
 I'm sure, I'll hear about it later
 Here is my bowl of vintage and new embroideries 
They make me feel so good!

Below is my recent find at our local Haberdashery,
our local thrift/antique shop  
The dress form and the necklace too!

Have fun creating this week, 
& if you don't, be gentle with
yourself.  Nourish your heart
with time, introspection, and love.

Bystanders Guilt

 With the tragic event in Japan, and loss of so many lives, I can't help feeling guilty over all my indulgences. I see the painful expressions on the faces of the Japanese, my heart feels their pain.
Recently, I've heard friends voice their same reaction to this terribly sad event.
One said, she decided that whatever she bought that day shopping, she was going to donate the same amount, to her choice of charity support for Japan.  She said, it made her feel a little better.

So, being a psych nurse, I had to do a little research  on survivor's guilt.  None of the articles I read really gave me the answer I was searching for.  I want to know "Why" do I feel this guilt and internalize their sadness? 

This has been a problem for me for many years......I always want to understand "Why" 
Not, Why do these things happen, But, Why do I feel this way.

Now don't worry, I'm not going off the deep end, these thoughts are not consuming me. I continue enjoying all my daily life activities, work, friends, fun, art, etc.   But it's always in the back of my mind.  \
I did find one article stating, people who have a deep concern for others, easily empathize with the pain and suffering of others.

In my search, I did find these re energizing, uplifting, and positive statements

Know that there is no offense in surviving
it is good to survive

It is okay to delight in being alive
  • Feel free to reassess your life
    • reassess what is valuable to you
    • make the best of your life
  • Making the best of your life can be a tribute to your survival and to those who died
  • Take the opportunity to reevaluate the meaning of your life
  • Is your life all it can be?
  • What is or can be your purpose? your talent? 
  • Put guilt to good use
  • Cherish life
    • treasure being alive
  • Whether you survived due to fate, a purpose, luck, chance, or "just did," long life and kindness are not guaranteed to any of us
  • Each day and each act of kindness can be treasured as gifts
    • treasure the best of each day
    • be aware of your physical mortality in good and positive way

    I hope you find some comfort in these thoughts
    and pray for all the devastated survivors in Japan

    Cherish Life

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    My Personal Blog Declaration

    For the first time, I've finally written a post on a Monday.  Yeah !  It's not that I don't have the time like so many of you raising a family. I have the time. I'm one of those bloggers who don't know what to write about.  But- in all actuality,
    I DO.
    I've read somewhere, amongst the many blogs I follow, that I  should keep to the theme of doll making.I guess, that way, I will attract those interested in my dolls.

    But, I have also read, to be authentic.  This I believe in strongly.  Probably around age 35, I finally progressed to the point in my life journey that I became comfortable, authentically comfortable, accepting and truthfully, really liking who I was.  No longer was that inner critic evaluating everything I did, said, or thought.  It is a really good place to be.

    So why have I been so "afraid" "intimidated" to blog. And even felt small and insignificant.
     I have built blogland to be THE ALL _ END ALL_   (In my head)
    I know it sounds ridiculous, It Is ridiculous.

    So, today, I am declaring, this is my personal blog. I will share a lot here.
    And, secondly, share my new ladies with you.

    I have been busy making, Little Ladies"  I love ball jointed dolls. I have one. I don't have any desire right now to create one at this present time. I've been around long enough to never say "never".
    I've been proven wrong too many times.
    Like before I had children- I said".Well. my kids will never act like that"  I had to eat those words, many times over.
                                               Protected from the cat
                                                   by the "kitchen mug brigade"
                                              So here is my first little lady.
                                            She is a darling little one
                                               AWE, sweet little bunny friend.
                                                         I just love her.

    "I will just look the other way, she'll think I'm not interested"                                                  

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