Decisions, Decisions

My Mini critter. My husband said, "so...what is it. Ahh, a monkey? A bear?
I replied "Yes"

It was intended to be a mouse.
Gotta work on more of a pointy nose.
But, she still is pretty darn cute!
Her tiny jumper is made from felt,
embellished with little felt flowers and buttons, hand stitched.


   Exciting News?
Stampington is sponsoring an event, here in Minneapolis. this September.
It's called Creative Connection.
It will consist of business classes, speaker presentations, 100 booths, and artisans selling their wares.
I have been accepted as a vendor.
Stampington publishes 28 very popular magazines, beautiful photography, tutorials, and highlight various artists, in a variety of mediums.

So I gotta get BUSY! 
I struggled at first, trying to decide,
if I would concentrate on creating dolls, 
mixed media mosaics, or miniatures.
 Even polymer clay jewelry.
When I realized I was starting to think..."what will sell",
 rather than what my heart desires to create,
 I stopped myself. 
 I decided nothing is more fulfilling to me,
than the creation of the doll.
So at the end of the day, at the end of the four day show,
if I don't even sell one doll. .  I stayed true to myself.
And I'll have my lovely ladies to return home with.
Until they find someone who is exactly the right person
who will love them as much as I do.
It feels right.
                         Below is my new lady's beginning.
                         My inspiration was from a fashion
                         magazine, I think "Brides"
                         When I'm in the book store,
                          I can't resist, browsing through
                          the beautiful Bridal & Wedding Party designs.
                           Just breathtaking, exquisite fabrics, lace,trims,
                           flowers, head pieces, Ahhh
                          Until next time...Have a blessed day.


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