The Relic Box

Today...I FEEL like a Relic Myself!  Anyone know how old do you actually have to be, to be a Relic?
This is a technique I learned while at Cabin Fever Clay Festival in February.  Really Fun to make.
My buddy at the hospital where I work, does "really" nice woodwork.
  He put the wooden box together for me, to decorate.
He makes really sweet doll cribs, I'll have to post a photo for you.  Super nice guy!

 I covered the top of the box with  polymer clay, stamped some pieces and  applied Pearl EX

                                    Some pieces are stamped with ink.
                                     I then placed some transferred images.
                  The lid of the box is covered with textured polymer clay.
                   Shades of gold, silver, and kind of a copper color

       One of our Doctors where I work, didn't like this eye looking at her.
         She liked everything BUT That.

         I especially like the painted and stained sides of the box.
                 The inside is painted gold.
           I definitely will be creating more of these,
                       it's really fun. 



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