Sweet New Doll

I just finished this doll, 
she is reserved on Etsy for someone, 
but I wanted you to see her.
The customer who ordered her
wanted the long red locks she had seen on a previous doll I created.
Her arms and legs have a light wire armature, for positioning.
She is sculpted from paper clay, I have two other dolls in progress,
that have been waiting patiently for make up and ward robe.
I am happy with how she evolved.
But adding the hair, is still something,
I'm working to get better at.
I used synthetic hair (I think)
possibly real human hair,
I can't remember, and I threw away the packaging.
I cut it from a weft,
then used Fabritac glue (I hate that stuff)
to glue lock by lock.
It always globs up, gets dried out, and is stringy.
Anybody use something different,
Let me know,
I'd really appreciate it.

Happy Doll Making

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Children's Benefit Auction

 Rebecca at http:corazon.typepad.com hosts a Benefit Auction for
the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots.
I saw the wonderful shrines for auction last year, and I knew then, I wanted to be part
of helping these children through her auction.
I wrestled with the idea of a shrine. I really didn't know much about them.
I knew they were to memorialize a person. I had at least three ideas running through my head.
But nothing felt...just right, until I made it personal.
My Shrine is dedicated to "Amy" the only daughter I had,
she was born a stillbirth
in 1975, I was age seventeen.
I never got to see or hold her.
It took me fifteen years, to be able to talk about her, without breaking down.
T his experience of creating her shrine, became very sacred to me.
I found myself choosing with utmost care, items to include in this piece.
As if I was being guided by a spiritual presence.
It was very peaceful and healing.
 This photo is what I imagine her to look like.
The words around the edge say;
"Now is the time
for all little children, cuddled,
go to rest, sleeping."
Tiny delicate slippers to adorn her feet , a royal crown for the princess,
a teddy bear friend,
blocks and a ball to play with, pink of course,
a lock of hair,  frozen Charlotte angel,
nesting pair of birdies, flowers, butterfly,
and glitter, a gloved hand with rosary beads.

"Now is the time
for all little children, cuddled,
go to rest, sleeping."   This is how I picture her
cuddled, at rest, sleeping, in the arms of an angel,
or perhaps the spiritual presence  I experienced
as I communed while creating her shrine.

  I have been blessed through creating a shrine for Amy
I hope others will be blessed through it.

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Workshop on Caromal Colours

These ladies were like pros from the beginning!
They were really fun, energetic, and loved the process and the products 
Here is a cabinet door.
The brown strip down the middle of the door, was the original finish.

The top of the door is Putty basecoat, with Toner
the bottom of the door is Parchment basecoat with Toner

Each class participant, goes home with all twelve color samples,
that they completed, using the technique (smoosh and moosh)
It's that easy!

Just apply to clean dry surface, sand with 120 grit,
I recommended using the palm sander the "Mouse"
by Black and Decker- $30.00 at WalMart.
By sanding, after paint is dty, you can add  distressed areas,
theses sanded areas will pick up the Toner, and give that aged
worn look.  We had a good time, the ladies went home feeling confident,
to start a new project at home.

Give it a try, most everyone I know has a piece of furniture they love, but want to update,

or change the color, so many options, color choices, and it really is easy and fun.

Go to top of page, click on Caromal Colours for more info.
Please email me with any questions, I 'm on Facebook too.

Life is Art  -  Paint Your Dreams

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