Children's Benefit Auction

 Rebecca at hosts a Benefit Auction for
the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots.
I saw the wonderful shrines for auction last year, and I knew then, I wanted to be part
of helping these children through her auction.
I wrestled with the idea of a shrine. I really didn't know much about them.
I knew they were to memorialize a person. I had at least three ideas running through my head.
But nothing felt...just right, until I made it personal.
My Shrine is dedicated to "Amy" the only daughter I had,
she was born a stillbirth
in 1975, I was age seventeen.
I never got to see or hold her.
It took me fifteen years, to be able to talk about her, without breaking down.
T his experience of creating her shrine, became very sacred to me.
I found myself choosing with utmost care, items to include in this piece.
As if I was being guided by a spiritual presence.
It was very peaceful and healing.
 This photo is what I imagine her to look like.
The words around the edge say;
"Now is the time
for all little children, cuddled,
go to rest, sleeping."
Tiny delicate slippers to adorn her feet , a royal crown for the princess,
a teddy bear friend,
blocks and a ball to play with, pink of course,
a lock of hair,  frozen Charlotte angel,
nesting pair of birdies, flowers, butterfly,
and glitter, a gloved hand with rosary beads.

"Now is the time
for all little children, cuddled,
go to rest, sleeping."   This is how I picture her
cuddled, at rest, sleeping, in the arms of an angel,
or perhaps the spiritual presence  I experienced
as I communed while creating her shrine.

  I have been blessed through creating a shrine for Amy
I hope others will be blessed through it.

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