Sweet New Doll

I just finished this doll, 
she is reserved on Etsy for someone, 
but I wanted you to see her.
The customer who ordered her
wanted the long red locks she had seen on a previous doll I created.
Her arms and legs have a light wire armature, for positioning.
She is sculpted from paper clay, I have two other dolls in progress,
that have been waiting patiently for make up and ward robe.
I am happy with how she evolved.
But adding the hair, is still something,
I'm working to get better at.
I used synthetic hair (I think)
possibly real human hair,
I can't remember, and I threw away the packaging.
I cut it from a weft,
then used Fabritac glue (I hate that stuff)
to glue lock by lock.
It always globs up, gets dried out, and is stringy.
Anybody use something different,
Let me know,
I'd really appreciate it.

Happy Doll Making

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Christine said...

She's a pretty lady. I can't help you with the hair that much- I use whatever glue I can put my hands on. Is it a bad thing to use a thin layer of hot glue? Where do you find nice doll hair? I'm not sure I like wool as its so dull and don't like the shiny synthetic hair that craft stores carry. Hair is hard for me.

Sandy Camarda said...

She is just gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better!!

Sandy xox

Jingle said...

She is quite lovely! I love her skirt!

Ayala Art said...

What a pretty doll! You did a good job. About the hair, I made a tutorial some time ago, easier way to do hair. visit my blog and click on the label hair tutorial. Maybe that can help.

roadtrip*treasures said...

You so creative, my daughter has gorgeous red hair!

Dawn in the Forest said...

She's wonderful! As for the glue....I like "Grrrip Glue", I think it works pretty good:)

Daryle and Katie... kindred spirits said...

Jan... I still cannot tell you which story she just stepped out of; but she does have that "storybook look!" She is lovely... Daryle

Papillon Bleu said...

She is really beautiful!

As for glue, I use one that is sent from France. It is the only one I like. It is a glue from a shop called "La Droguerie" but don't have a store online.

Abi said...

She is gorgeous!
I always use fabritac - I have a love hate relationship with it.

Noelle Clearwater said...

I love the doll. Her hair and her face are beautiful and I love the dress as well. I like the elongated body, very graceful. I think that you did a stunning job, truly. Anyone would love her.


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