Christmas Eve Memories

                                                 Christmas Eve Memories

                                                       Honey -  really such a Honey
                                                        Autumn  Tommy's best friend
                                                            Mia - Lab/Sherperd/Human
                                                              Let me IN !
                                                   Petunia "Tooney" aka Looney Tooney
                                                         Cashmere  "Cash"
                                                                   Chad son #1
                                                                   Mr Lovely- my husband
                                                                   TommySon # 2
                                                                        Shane # 3 Son
                                                                    YUM !
                                                     Traditional Christmas Fondue
                                                                     SERIOUSLY ?
                                                            HAPPY Holidays

Open Arms of Minnesota: Pete: SNAP at last!

 Let me explain,   In  my usual way of flying by the seat of my pants, when it comes to blogging
I posted this link below.
                       SNAP stands for  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
      Open Arms MN is an organization that provides nutritionally well balanced meals for people who have HIV/Aides, MS, ALS and other debilitating diseases.  It's like Meals on Wheels
for people who are sick and addresses their individual nutritional needs. 

And now for Pete!
Pete was one of several people who chose to take the SNAP Challenge.
He lived on $27.65 for seven days, that's how much money people have for food, for one week, on assistance.     
That's 3.97 per day,   Think about it!

He blogged about it, it got to me.
 I signed up, donated, and the OCD er that I am want to volunteer.

"I believe that food is a basic and essential human right. I believe Minnesota produces enough food to nourish and sustain all who live here. And I support Hunger-Free Minnesota in its campaign to end hunger."

So if you can, read Pete's blog.

Open Arms of Minnesota: Pete: SNAP at last!: "First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Second, I'm sorry for being tardy with my final blog post. I got home from work last night and reali..."

Very humbled and grateful,

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking time this season to give thanks in all things.
Wishing you many blessings,
May God give you the desires
of your heart & the willingness
to give him Thanks.


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Caffeinated Snowman

                                                        Hi guys,
                                               Have you ever felt like this?  
                            This guy has had way too many Starbucks.
                        He was made for Art Dolls Only Ornament Swap.
          Ashley Daugherty is the lucky gal who gets him.

             I'm working on some hand painted furniture and wooden bowls.
          I am using Country Living's Caromal Colours.  I am getting ready to 
          be a rep for this product line.

Soon I am starting a new web site called
Bush Wood Art. 
It will contain photos and links to where you can purchase their products. 
 It is pretty cool.


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Art Dolls Only - Work in Progress

                           Getting back to some sculpting.
                                  Looking a little Goth to me.
                                           Or- from the Circus

            The imagination needs moodling-
                  Long, Inefficient, Happy Idling,
                            Dawdling and Puttering.
                                                                                 Brenda Ueland
                                                  These are some of my fav pastimes. 
                                                                     Ideas Welcome -

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The Great Pumpkin Patch

One cannot have too large a pumpkin!

Live each season as it passes

Pumpkin FUN

Pumpkin Totem.

Steempunked Pumpkin

                                                                             Love the art pumpkin



Creative Connection Event

I had the best time at the Creative Connection Event.
All the Artists I talked to were  super talented, creative, and very current.
But what I noticed the most, what really impressed me...
was how humble, helpful, and encouraging they were.
Not only to me as a customer, but amongst each other.
It had a real good energy of community.
I didn't get to hear any of the guest speakers...

but I spent THE ENTIRE DAY at the Hand Made Market!
 And I was tempted to go back the next day!

Here are a few photos of Debbie Egizo
and her art.
There is a link at the top of this page to see more, and read about her.

Debbie Egizio

She is a lovely person and a sweetheart.

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Introducing New Shop- Vintage Finds

New Shop Opened!

Offering my vintage and unique thrift shop, flea markets, antique shops "finds"

  Now being sold on Etsy "Lucy's Loft"  Lucysloft.etsy,com
I wanted Lucy's Attic, cause my mom- Lucy - had so much fun stuff,
we used to explore up there in our attic when we were kids.
But that name was taken. Drats!
Beautiful jeweled Tassel.
Could be used as is, or in an artful assemblage.

These items today are a preview.
I will be listing on Wednesday, Sept. 15th
Lucy you, you are the first to see these!

The shop is open today, other pretty cool stuff in the shop now.
Go Check it out!
I decided if I have had something for a year or more,
and have not used it in my art...I'm gonna offer
my unique and  vintage finds
on Lucysloft.Etsy .com
Very heavy, mixed metal candle
intricate detailed etchings,
Very pretty!

More items will be added every week.
Have fun!
My sweetheart and I are going to see  " Wicked "
tonight in Minneapolis...I'm so Excited!


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