Christmas Eve Memories

                                                 Christmas Eve Memories

                                                       Honey -  really such a Honey
                                                        Autumn  Tommy's best friend
                                                            Mia - Lab/Sherperd/Human
                                                              Let me IN !
                                                   Petunia "Tooney" aka Looney Tooney
                                                         Cashmere  "Cash"
                                                                   Chad son #1
                                                                   Mr Lovely- my husband
                                                                   TommySon # 2
                                                                        Shane # 3 Son
                                                                    YUM !
                                                     Traditional Christmas Fondue
                                                                     SERIOUSLY ?
                                                            HAPPY Holidays

1 comment:

mycuriousteaparty said...

It looks like you had a Happy Christmas, lovely photo's of the men in your life... And all hadsome.

Best Wishes for the New Year

~ Julie


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