Now is the time for all little children,
cuddled.sleeping, go to rest.
I created this Shrine for an auction I am participating in.
I really didn't know what a Shrine was.  I researched it a little bit,
but still wasn't connecting.All  I knew  was, to create a memorial of a sort.
  A divine inspiration occurred. I began to create a Shrine, for Amy.

She was my stillbirth baby, at age seventeen.
 This experience became sacred to me.
I found myself, selecting, with utmost care, what I would choose
to add to her shrine.
The photo, is how I picture her,
the words under the glass say;
Now is the time, for all little children.
cuddled, sleeping, go to rest.
This is how I imagine her, resting, cuddled,
sleeping pleasantly, content.
There will be a day, when, we will be united.
Until then, I rest assuredly, she is in the arms
of an angel, cuddled, resting, ans sleeping.


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