Now is the time for all little children,
cuddled.sleeping, go to rest.
I created this Shrine for an auction I am participating in.
I really didn't know what a Shrine was.  I researched it a little bit,
but still wasn't connecting.All  I knew  was, to create a memorial of a sort.
  A divine inspiration occurred. I began to create a Shrine, for Amy.

She was my stillbirth baby, at age seventeen.
 This experience became sacred to me.
I found myself, selecting, with utmost care, what I would choose
to add to her shrine.
The photo, is how I picture her,
the words under the glass say;
Now is the time, for all little children.
cuddled, sleeping, go to rest.
This is how I imagine her, resting, cuddled,
sleeping pleasantly, content.
There will be a day, when, we will be united.
Until then, I rest assuredly, she is in the arms
of an angel, cuddled, resting, ans sleeping.


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Abi said...

It is beautiful, really beautiful.

Dawn Elliott said...

I am in awe of your beautiful and precious shrine. It truly speaks to my heart.

GlorV1 said...

Very meaninful shrine. Rebecca inspires us all with her open heart of kindness. Hope you get in this year, if not there is always next year. Have a great week. I was at the gallery and I read your comment, just thought I'd stop by and say hello.


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