Wanna hear a Funny Story?

In my younger years, as a young mother, I chose to breast feed all my babies.
One day while breast feeding,
my 7 year year old nephew, looked at me and what I was doing,
and he said "Is He Gonna Eat that Whole Thing?
Swear , I swear, it;s true.  He's 30 years old now, I love reminding him of this!  lol

Now if I had a good blog, I would go online and find a nice photo of a mother breastfeeding.
If I had an exceptional blog, I would have the original picture of me, breastfeeding the kid I'm talking about and then another photo of the little boy who asked the question.

See, I know what makes a good blog.  I just can't figure the computer technicalities.  But, boy, when I do!
I'll still have the same 20 family members following me.


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