Vintage Event

 Hello Friends,
I had so much fun, Saturday, I did Demo's  using Caromal Colours, I am still learning how versatile this paint is, and how to achieve different looks.

I painted some new samples, with summer in mind, light colored summer hues. Displayed in a large bread bowl, painted, distressed, all with Caromal Colours finishes.


Some little vignettes in my shop. Really it's my little space in our local antique shop.
I've decided I'm calling it "my petite shop", cause 
that's how I feel about it.
Tin water can and petite tool box,
painted with Paprika basecoat,  (2) Chipping Cream, 
(3) Bayberry, then sand with 220 grit sandpaper,
last with semi dry chip brush, Wysteria basecoat  
applied here and there in streaks, and stipple.

No Prep- NO Prime NO Sanding
Bonds to almost anything!
You also can get a two color
chippy barn wood finish!
Next project, I 'll take photos as I go,
  you'll see how easy and fun
Caromal Colours is to use,
Lord knows, my garage, and (2) workrooms
have vintage finds waiting for a breath of new life.
My Studio ( Atelier) French for studio,
(don't you just love the French,
sounds so Romantic)

If you'd like to learn more and order Caromal Colours,
click Caromal Colours at top of page to visit my site
If you go to Caromal, let these fine folks know you heard about them from me, 
just enter  jan   under coupon code, you'll get a discount in shipping, and I'll get credit!

Until next time-

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