My New Dollie
                                                                     " Milk Maid"
    She sat, with just a torso for almost a year,  poor dear.
She went from a circus performer,  (in my mind of course)
to a winter wonderland with a wool felted coat & Top Hat, 
to Finally, she emerged as who she was meant to be....
A Milk Maid--with her miniature cow.

Oh my, she will not be able to wear her fancy shoes to the barn.
Maybe I will have to make her a pair of Wellies.

She actually, never has to go to the barn.
 Her little cow lives with her and loves to snuggle.
This photo was taken after a long walk.
She is One of My Give Aways for One World One Heart
It Starts January 30 th   Yeah!
If you're not familiar with it, check out my sidebar, for event info.
Great times.

I love photos shot in artist's studio,
I love searching the background, and peeking at their tools and stuff.
Hey, that's an idea, shots of all my "stuff"
I love my stuff.
Next post- ALL MY STUFF!
Show me Your Stuff!

Have Fun and enjoy playing


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