Caromal Colours- Just Paint IT- It's a Primer, Paint, and Sealer. ALL IN ONE!

 My Petite Shop

Hello and Welcome to my "Petite Shop"
This is my space, in our local antique shop
where I display and sell all my passions.

 I love these colors together.
I painted this side piece with Caromal Colours "Reclaim"
To achieve this beautiful blue, I mixed Caromal Colours Off white Reclaim
with a tint, you can ask for at any paint store.
I just asked them, if I could buy, just the tint,
for one quart of paint
Then I mixed it with one quart of my
Off White Reclaim by Caromal Colours.

Caromal Colours "Reclaim" paint
  is wonderful for the home owner 
No Sanding, No Primer, No Prep
Just Paint it!
You can roll it on or brush it on.
It is a Primer, Paint, and Sealer ALL IN ONE
AND you can tint it to get any color you can imagine.

I bought the chair for 12.00 at a thrift shop.
The oak and the scrolly arms were so pretty,
I decided it looked too stately to paint over it.
So I replaced the torn seat cover,
with a heavy drape fabric.
The back of the chair looked like it had once been fabric.
But I wanted to give it a little update and French Flair.
so I  applied a French Chocolate image
to the chairs' back.

I'm not crazy about how it turned out, 
so in a couple of weeks, if it doesn't sell,
I'll bring it home and do a "Do Over"

And for an update on using Annie Salone's Chalk Paint
I just painted with it yesterday, I'll finish the pieces today.
So stay tuned!


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