She 's Beautiful To Me

I have spent a considerable amount of time, pondering this intriguing creation. I have asked her, her name, no thought came to mind. I have imagined her in several situations, from a wealthy aristocrat, to a lost soul, who has lost her way, to a poet writing sonnets. I have found no closure.
She speaks to me in mystery. I don't truthfully know her. Each time, I sit, and examine her features, her clothing, the demure expression on her face, especially, her eyes, she remains a mystery to me. so I have borrowed from a song.... She is Beautiful To Me.


Unknown said...

I love her hair, eyes and dress!!!

Sandy xox

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Jan
Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad that there are two of us that are not as quick on the computer, hope your son is having a great time and phoning home now and again, mine is doing fine and is now re-training to be a carpenter, so all good. Would you mind me asking what type of paperclay you use?
keep in touch it was lovely to share common ground with someone.
Have a good day.
Regards Julie


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