Recently I took a class on polymer beads at Rush Creek Studio in Maple Grove.  I took this class MAINLY to meet the instructor. Sara Niemela.  I knew about her from Maureen Carlson and Barb Kobe-Yes, I am name dropping here. lol

The class was fun.  Sarah taught a really easy technique  to make milifiore canes,  and beads-  which I love the look of, but I'm not a fan of making. 

Sarah is an international doll artist, and well known for her realistic life like sculptures of babies.   Babies but not Reborns.    Let me tell you, they are incredible!  You can see her work on
 I let her know I am a fan, she invited me to her studio. 
Ask me if I was excited.........I was excited.   Here are some photos.

Opps, I tried to capture the doll in the background, and cut the little sweetie's head off.
Here is a better one...

Pretty Amazing ...huh?

She has real eye lashes...oh my goodness!

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Here she is all dressed up and ready for her new home.
Amazing.....Just Amazing
Have a good week end,
Saturday, I'm going to American Craft Council art show in St Paul, MN, 
and the Textile Center's Garage sale in Minneapolis. And dinner with Mike & Kristi
(nephew & his lovely wife)


Abi said...

Thanks for popping by! I took a look at Sarah's site - fantastic artist!
Hope you have fun at the art show...looks like you are ganna have a busy but fun weekend all round :O)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Your Doll is Stunning...What a lucky person that will be adding her to their home...

mycuriousteaparty said...

Please can I come with you to the American Craft council art show and to the textile center's garage sale too.

How I wish I lived nearer... just a small problem I'm in the UK. Humph!

~ Julie

jenclair said...

What a great experience! Her dolls are, indeed, amazing.


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