Gotta Love Spring

All the ice is off the pond behind our home, the sound of morning birds chirping, ahha- music to my ears.
Each change of season brings its own temperament.  Spring always reminds me of refreshment, renewal, new beginnings.  You can open up the windows and smell the fresh (though still crisp,) air.  The sun shining in the early morning,  makes me appreciate my life. Thank you - God!

I have been working on a challenge doll through cloth and clay dolls. So I took a few photos of her progress and included some of the area around my work table.   The rest of the studio is too messy to show. lol


mycuriousteaparty said...

Your work table looks very very tidy, I don't know where I'm going wrong, mine is always in a mess.

I love what I can see so far you have modeled the little hands to perfection.

Can't wait to see the finished piece...

~ Julie

Anonymous said...

Seems like our paths are crossing...I'm a member of Cloth and Clay Dolls, too. Although, YOU are progressing on the challenge doll and I haven't started!
Thanks for coming over to MY blog and commenting. I truly appreciate it.
Seems like we also have the same people following our blogs...SO I am following suit!
Your's is fun and pretty and I really like it!

ziggy stardust said...

thank you for sharing this, very inspiring!


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