Dogs Enjoy Earth Day

                                        Dog's Havin' FUN at Dog Park

Elm Creek Park Reserve

Mya, our lab shepard, pup
                                                (2 year old, 100 pound pup)
                                                                     and her new friend

Rhino, fetching a frisebee

Mya, dry, happy and safe at home
Thanking God today, for his beautiful creation -
 The Earth

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Debby said...

Awesome post, they look so happy!
Happy Earth Day!

Abi said...

How lovely!
I love the scroll under your post - did you design it?

Marie S said...

Happy Earth Day Jan. Mya is a gorgeous dog and sounds like she is just perfect, being a lab shepard mix, both awesome and kindly dogs.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.


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