Fun at Art is You Retreats

Last week end I attended Art is You in Minneapolis, my current home town.

I took Sunny Carvelo's classes. She is a mixed media artist from Alabama

Here is just a smigion of her work.

So cool right! She is such an inspiration.
One of the nicest people I've met.
We just "clicked" You know how it is, when you meet someone, and feel like you've known them your whole life. Ya, that's it.

Actually the whole group at Art is You felt like that.

Here are some photos from the event, left to right
Sunny, Kim, Lori, Rachel, and the little one is KiKi.  My new BFF's!

Such goodness!
                                        me showin Kim some love.
                                         Here is what I made in Sunny's classes.
                                          Painted with Golden paints on Ultra Suede.

                                                           Same paints on gesso bord.  
Not finished, it needs a little phrase of words 
underneath her little body.

                                                      Faux  mache
                                                     This was fun, well they all were.
                                                              Come to Minneapolis next year for Art is You. Look for them on FB they have other cities too.


1 comment:

Sunny Carvalho said...

It was MY very great pleasure to get to know you, Jan!!! You ARE my BFF!!! I can't wait to see you again, I hope sooner rather than later!


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