The Dutch Touch Class

I was a lucky girl, I got to go to NIADA and take a three day class with Kate Church, then to Sanford FL to Anne Hesse's home for "The Dutch Touch Class" Ankie Daanen and Marlaine Verhelst. In the Dutch Touch class, we made a Fish Boy, mine came out as a Fish Girl, with a Halloween flair.

Ankie and Marlaine were really fun, and great teachers.
 I know some of you are checking out the art in the back ground, yes, I took pictures at Anne's and I will post them. Her home was fabulous, we were surrounded with so much inspiration.

Here are some more photos of some of the other's dolls.
Lisa's Fish Boy
              Marcia's Fish Boy

                         This is Deborah and her adorable Fish Boy.
 This Marcia, she is an artist from Canada, she and her husband, Ty teach various classes.
I shared two weeks with her in hotel rooms, along with Janice, who hates having her picture taken.
We drank a lot of wine and laughed like fools.
Ankie and Marlaine handing out our certificates!

Those girls know how to have fun...

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