Happy November

Oh Goodie, November is here. Now we will be bobbarded with Holiday images and messages about, what you need to buy, what you need to do, what you need to bake, and cook. Pictures you will need to take, for memories of a lifetime, of course. Then there is decorating your home, inside and out. Which consists of, moving decorative everyday objects, and replacing them with the Holiday Decorations. In this process, when you move the everyday decorative objects, you realize how long it's been since you last dusted. Let the cleaning begin. !.. You'll want to remember your friends that you won't see, sending them a card, and now that the copied "news worthy" letter is now looked down upon, you must write "something" personal in each card. And for friends that are near and dear, having them over for an evening of food, entertainment, and fun is the thing you won't want to miss. More decorating, more cooking, and cleaning. You won't want to feel bad if someone gets you a gift, and you didn't get them one. So, now you have a special little stasch of nice little generic gifts, you know what I'm talking about, yes, the candles and lotions you found for a good bargain, bought them, for such a time like this.
I just heard my first Holiday commercial.
"Give Glitter"
"Give Sparkle"
"Give Shine"
"Spend Wisely"
"Give Wildly"
"Tis the Season to Glow"
"Tis the Season to Glow" ??? Oh yeah, we're expected to also look good.

Enough ranting. I went to an artists home on Saturday, for a day of doll making. Her name is Barb Kobe. I am lucky to have her living so close. If you want to see some incredible dolls with meaning, just google her name. I couldn't believe it, when she told me, she had never been in a magazine. I was shocked. Her work is very distinct and creative.
She is a very good instructor. She encourages one to get outside our box, take risks, have fun with your art. She believes our art dolls are an inner expression of what we are feeling and have experienced or are experiencing now. When I showed her four of my newly sculpted faces, I commented that my husband, John, said, they concern me Jan, they are all sad. Barb replied, "this is your sad series"
There was one other friend there that day. She made a fantastic first doll. It's about 22" tall, and it's body is made of fabric wrapped sticks. Very Cool. I hope she sends me a photo. I'll post it. Here is a photo of my little stick It's called muse because it amuses me.

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