December Craft Fair

I learned this techique from Barb Kobe a couple weeks ago.
They are really fun to make. You just wrap strips of torn
fabric, and wrap them around a stick.

Here are some in the process of being created. I took the
photo to include my new eight foot counter top, I bought at
Menards for $25.00, Pretty awesome! I placed two cabinets
on each side of the counter top...yeah, more storage.

You can see some faces, waiting for me to paint them,
then they will come to life. Haven't decided what I want
to call them yet.

Ya Know, I'm still trying to get familiar with blogging. I see other people's blog posts, and I ohh and ahh, over how they post. I am just pluggin a long, happy to even get my images posted.
I'm preparing to be in our hospitals craft fair. I'm posting some of my newer little "Inner Goddess" dolls. I even have a shop who wants to sell them. I was shocked, and excited. Here is a few I have made, and a few in progress.
Their wings are made from a pod, from the rain forest, called Elephant Ear, the touch of nature is cool. i wish, I could figure out, how to have my text-description, come up, before the photos. But, like I said, i am lucky, just to get it all to post at all.
I had a wonderful Saturday, John took me to four boutiques in the cities. I had a blast. Then we went to the Galleria, and ate at "The Good Earth" It was an awesome day.

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Unknown said...

Cute dolls! I hope you do well at the Hopsital sale and I'm glad you and your man had a delightful weekend!



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