Cruise Photos

There is one reason why I don't post often.
I still have trouble figuring out blogger.
If anyone out there can send me link to
a easy tutorial on blogger, let me know!

Here are the photos of the doll cruise.
They appeared in my preview of the 
last post, but apparently didn't show
up when I published! Ughh

So here ya go
Here are mine. The one on left is from Anne's class.
I just love Anne!

These are some of the dolls created from our class.

This one was made by Collette, she didn't receive the pattern before we left.
She crocheted this from the top of her head without a pattern, Really talented lady!

As you can see, many of us didn't get both dolls completed.

Hope these photos post! Thank you so much
 for your comments on my last post.
Love you guys!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow what a cool class and the dolls look great !


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