My Valentine Love Story

Karen Valentine's blog My Dessert Cottage 
had a lovely idea, on Valentine's day, she invited bloggers  to post their love story. Don't you just love, love stories! They still are my favorite movies. So here I go...

Sitting at my dining room table, preparing my class lesson, my sister in law came into the house, she said, "Tommy's been in an accident, he's in the hospital.  As I got ready quickly to go to the hospital with her, I thought...Oh he probably cut himself, he was working, cutting trees, at his parents farm. He was a good man, my husband, always ready to give the shirt off his back.
I, being a nurse, worked at this small, 40 bed, small town, hospital. The next big city hospital was in Binghamton, NY.  I thought to myself, everything will be okay. We'll get him transferred to the big hospital, if we need to, everything will be fine. As I walked down the long hallway, of the hospital, I saw other staff notice me, and could see them, glance at me, and look away. As I stood outside Tom's hospital room, the door was open. I could see the curtains closed, I could hear all the voices,
I sensed a lot of hurried movement, CPR was being done, and chatter about a pacemaker. What seemed like a few minutes passed, Dr Little appeared in front of me, he had tears in his eyes, and said, "He's Gone" as he hugged me.

He had been working on the roof, replacing shingles.
While on the ground, with another friend, they stood the ladder  that was against the roof, as they went to stand it up straight, there was an electrical line seven feet from the house. The grass was damp, aluminum ladder, the electricity arched and he and his friend were electrocuted.

I was twenty five years old, and pregnant with our second son.
I can't even begin to share with words, the excruciating, chest crushing, pain I had. Like a vice was wrapped around my chest, as if I couldn't take a deep breath. Just a crushing pain with Intense, periods of sobbing outbursts, for a long long time. 
Four months later, our son, came into this world. I named him "Tommy".  My little four year old, Chad,came to the hospital, to see me, and his new little brother. Ahhh, moments to cherish.
I went home with my beautiful new baby, and to my little sweetheart, Chad.  

As time went on, the best man in our wedding, was truly, the best man.  He visited weekly. took out my garbage on trash day, made sure my car was is order, and did little repairs around the house. He really fell in love with the baby, he had been married, they had no children. I need to mention here, this man, John was his name, was absolutely the Most Handsome Man I'd Ever Seen.  Long Dark Brown Curly  hair, dark eyes, and a killer smile. Not too tall, not too short, just right.
Now, I'd known John for eleven years. I always liked him, always thought he was really fun to be around, intelligent, but man that killer smile, the kind of a smile, let's you see a twinkle in his eye.  He was beautiful, inside and out.

He still is.
Twenty three years married now, I love him, for loving me through a very difficult time then, and for loving me daily since then, I can honestly say, he has never ever made me feel small.
He always supports me in any endeavor I pursue, he is my number one fan.  He thinks I can do anything! 
(boy do I have him fooled!)  
And by the way, he still is The Most Handsome Man I've Ever Seen, and has A KILLER SMILE!

We have three grown sons now, we openly share our love for the the loss of Tom at such a young age, he was thirty two when he died, and he is still missed by both John and I today.

John grew up with Tom, best friends since 4th grade. Through the years he has shared many stories with me, and the boys. 
Tommy (the son I was pregnant with when Tom died, never got to meet his dad.

John and I had a son, John named him Shane, after the cowboy Shane. 

Our three sons lived together for two years, after the last son graduated. They are tight, makes a mom proud!


mycuriousteaparty said...

Oh Jan

What a love story....

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and a pain in my chest, you were just a baby yourself, what an amazing girl you must have been.

What a wonderful woman you have become, your husband and sons must be so proud of you as Tommy would be too.

My story is of young love... Started courting at 14... Married at 19 first baby girl at 22, second at 24 and a 'suprise' son at 31. We still love each other dearly just a little older a bit fatter and a lot more wrinkly..

Happy Valentines ~ Julie

Lynn said...

Jan, Beautiful love story after such a tragic loss of Tommy. I believe he must be smiling down, knowing his family was taken care of by his childhood friend. How wonderful that you both speak openly of Tommy and that your boys are "tight". Your story is very inspirational. Blessings.

Dawn Elliott said...

This story brought tears to my eyes, both of saddness and of joy. Out of a terrible tragedy came the most precious love story I think I've ever heard. So precious and sweet...

Karen Valentine said...

Wow, that was a roller coaster ride for sure! How awful for you to lose your first husband at such a young age! Of course, you had a very happy ending anyway! It was often traditional in the old days, for brothers to marry their widowed sister in laws. It sounds like John was channeling an old ancestor! I am so happy that you have each other to love and to morn the loss of a loved one. Thanks for sharing that great story!

Cheeky Rose Boutique said...

So beautiful! Thank God for second chances!!


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