March Maddness

WOW 54 degrees today in the Minneapolis area.  You know you're a true Minnesotan when we get 54 degrees and know..... only One More Snow Storm to Go, and then we're home free.

First I show you a photos from the Charm Swap at Cabin Fever Clay festival.

Mine is the little primitive yellow birdie, 
kinda hard to see the detail. 
He is Adorable, look for his little orange beak, just above chickadee birdie. Chickadee birdie was made by a very sweet soul...Lisa. She kinda took me under her wing. No pun intended.

I am excited, I was chosen for 
" from Creations With Heart blog.  See the site to the left and click to see my musing she chose, along with the other talented artists, that were chosen.

Went thrift shopping today, had a blast.  Got some cool stuff.
I'm going to open a new Etsy shop, and sell all the cool Vintage and unusual items I find. I'll never use all the items I have is an addiction ya know.  

I need to come up with a cool name.  My son just came up with "Lucys Attic" which, actually, is a very good name.  Lucy was my mom, the attic always held many unique treasures. The attic itself was peculiar, you walked up five steps, then had to boost yourself up with your arms and land your butt on the attic floor.  The ceiling was vaulted, and maybe 6 foot at the peak.
So you could completely stand up, only in the center.  It ran the length of the house, it had two secret areas. one at the very end of the house, that had one step down, to a room, that was 6' x 5"  according to my memory, with a small window.  I'm sure my siblings will all email me, and let me know how big they "think" the room was.
They are older, and probably right.
The other secret area, had a two foot opening, just a small crawl space.  Our attic was all of our favorite place to visit. It had old trunks, full of photos from the 30's, 40's, photos of their lives. They are precious. My mom and dad have passed.

I spent many hours, just playing with my dolls up there.

Speaking of dolls, here are some dolls I am working on, they will be finished soon, and in my Etsy Shop.

When I took her photo, I kinda like just the way she looks "AS IS"

Doll in progress
                        I'm looking forward to seeing their personalities emerge.
                                                                 It fascinates me.

1 comment:

Marie S said...

Wow those charms from Cabin Fever are awesome.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Congratulations on the top creations of the week thing. Way to go.

Hi Lucy's Baby and thanks comment and for the chuckle, I love the idea that Iron Angels can kick some serious butt!
These are wonderful descriptions for these pieces. Maybe that is why the pieces felt so right while I was making them.
Have a great weekend.


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