Ready for the show!

First, my sweetheart,
who has been severely neglected
in the last two months while
I was consumed in doll
making. Very understanding, and supportive!
Thank you, Honey!

Two new ladies, a fairie, and a snowman.
I was going to take just one photo of my ladies and fairie. But there was much to much protest and complaining. After all, they know the other dolls, each had their own page. They are a little competitive and each want "their time" in the spotlight. So, without further ado, I introduce you to my newest ladies. The fairie. And a snowman.

The craft fair is this Thursday. I'll be ready. I won't do any more "shows" too much stress. I don't like to create under pressure. Now, I'll be back to creating at my leisure. I have a shop in Maple Grove who want to sell my pod dolls. There are a few shops, I may consider putting the dolls in, but, this sounds wierd (I know) I don't want people touching them.
I really don't expect anybody to buy one of my ladies, they are on the high side (price wise")
I really am just looking for exposure and possible networking .
Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot to me.

Updated version of "Grouchy Old Snowman"
I used all recycled materials, old sweaters,
socks, etc. Here he is outside, he seems
happier now.

Flower Fairie.
Made from an old silk
flower, I took a part. Face and body
painted with watercolors.

She is sitting in a nest she found while playing in the garden
out back. I will be adding a small bottle filled with fairie dust
to sit in her lap.

Don't have her name yet, she is very put out.

Her hair is made from alpaca wool. She
has a delicate pale pink hair adornment
made from a vintage earring.

Her dress is made from vintage fabrics,
laces, and trims.


One of my favorites. Her hair was made
from an old wig I took a part.
Her dress is recycled from an under petticoat
from a little girls fancy dress.


Unknown said...

WOW your ladies are gorgeous! Isn't it great when we have such supportive men in our lives ?!Happy Holidays my dear!

Sandy xox

aytacrafts said...

very artistic works, congratulations, I love You have given Colette great facial expressions for my poor English 'm sorry


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