The week between Christmas and New Years, still feels like Christmas is in the air,
Finishing up all the Christmas goodies, Daniel, the chocolate covered strawberries, and the choc caramel apple was amazing! 
Margaret, we all, including the boys, really enjoyed Christmas breakfast, at 2:00. pm
                                             I went out and searched for the "great bargains"  the after Christmas sales, found some really nice, beaded, and embroidered fabric, 50% off - Thank you very much!  Bought myself a  pair of Ugg slippers,  "The Greatest" slipper ever made. Worth the $$.  Also bought a piece of art, However I don't know if  an image on chipboard, qualifies as art, but, it's art to me, I LOVE IT! The photo above.
I want to try and sculpt her.

 One of my Intentions for the new year, is to really figure out. how to blog.  It never comes out, like I want it to.  By the time I am finished, I'm  frustrated with not knowing what the H-- I'm doin, I'm just glad there is text & and image. I finally have come to realize, I'm going to have to, actually read/study this thing!

The above photo, my best Christmas present ever, was the trims, lace, and hankies Peggy -my mother-in-law sent me- that were  her  mother's.   really cool, huh! I'm not giving anyone's age up here, let's just say, they are "old". The trim that is.
                                                              So, continue to embrace the Holiday Spirit folks, it's not over yet!


Unknown said...

Ah yes, I have that Papaya journal too and it rocks! Thanks fo your sweeeet birthday wishes and I wish you all the best in the new year!

I've got to check out some uggs :)


Unknown said...

What a precious gift. I love to get those old treasures.
To blog successfully, just be yourself, and write as if you are talking to your friends. My mother always told me that getting a letter from me was like my talking to her. Hope this helps. That's just my philosophy.


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