Opps! That's her back.
Cinderprella has been difficult to deal with from the beginning. I decided to use polymer clay instead of paper clay. I have used polymer in the past, and have a lot of it on hand. I chose a fair skin tone. I also decided to use a cloth covered wire for an armature, so she could pose. I also sculpted slender legs and delicate arms with hands. For you doll makers out there, yes, it took a lot of time. She looked good going into the oven. When I took her out, she had air like bubbles on her delicate cheeks... under her skin, so to speak, this happens when the clay is not fully conditioned.
And then the fight started..
I tried painting over the spots, to cover them up, didn't work, couldn't get a close enough color to match her skin tone. So I painted her whole face. And then I remembered why I like paper clay over polymer clay. You could see every little brush stroke, she looked like a bad make-up job. So with a tooth brush, holding my delicate little dollie under the faucet, I scrubbed all the paint off. YEP! Right back where I started. So then the experimenting began. I tried three different types of paint, only to go back to the faucet! Finally, not willing to abandon her,
Here She Is. Perhaps, I 've been influenced by all the Halloween masks in shops now. She is a little goulish. Almost ghostly.

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